Mortgages & Personal Loans

Whatever changes you want to make in your life, QB&T has the financial tools to help make it happen.

Residential Mortgages

Residential mortgage rates are currently at their lowest!
Mortgages are written in accordance with FHA and Fannie Mae guidelines. Conventional and adjustable rate mortgages are available for home purchases or refinancing of existing mortgages.

Home Equity Lending

Fixed rate and variable rate home equity products are available for home improvement projects, college tuition, debt consolidation and other qualifying purposes.

Auto Loans

Great rates and terms for your next auto purchase or refinancing your existing auto loan.

Secured Personal Loans

Borrow up to 95 percent of the amount in your Quinnipiac Bank Certificate of Deposit Account while continuing to earn interest on your savings.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Our unsecured loan allows you to borrow without collateral for any purpose.

Overdraft Protection

Similar to a line of credit, our overdraft protection prepares you for unexpected cash needs. The overdraft protection line is linked to your checking account and can be activated by simply writing a check or requesting that an advance be made. Repayment is made when funds become available in the checking account.

Powered by Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator

This Mortgage and Loan Calculator is provided by
QBT for illustrative and educational purposes only.
The actual product offerings, interest rates
and margins will vary as markets change.
The numbers generated by the calculator are
estimates only and may differ from those you
receive from our loan officers.

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