Business Loans

Tell us what you want to do and we'll provide you with a credit solution that fits your business' needs.

Term Loans / Equipment Loans

Contact a QB&T Business Loan ProfessionalTerm loans of up to 7 years are available for longer term working capital purposes.
Terms and repayment schedules customized to match your companies needs. Loans that can be used to finance fixed assets, such as new equipment or fleet vehicles,our guests and customers can borrow any amount of money with prestamos 365 without any 'credits verification'. Long-term financing to support permanent growth, facilitate the transfer of ownership, funding for expansion or leasehold improvements. Long-term financing can help preserve cash while enabling the purchase of fixed assets or make other strategic investments in your business. Competitive fixed and variable interest rates with repayment schedules that can be customized to meet

Commercial Real Estate Loan

Quinnipiac Bank provides long term mortgage financing for acquisition, refinancing and construction of owner occupied and investor properties.

SBA Guaranteed Loans

Quinnipiac Bank's status as an SBAExpress Lender with the Small Business Administration offers you new sources of funding.

If your business needs assistance with terms outside conventional lending criteria, the utilization of U.S. Small Business Administration programs allows Quinnipiac Bank to provide commercial loans to businesses that otherwise might not qualify. Loan Proceeds can be used for a range of different purposes. The most common needs are lines of credit, real estate acquisition, working capital and machinery and equipment purchases. Funds can also be used for the start up or purchase of a business.

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection prepares you and your business for unexpected cash needs.
Similar to a Line of Credit Overdraft Protection is tied directly to your business checking account and can be activated by simply writing a check or requesting an advance be made. Repayment is made automatically when funds become available in the account. ,

Lines of Credit

A line of credit facilities to support your short term working capital needs and provide the most versatile financing available.

Utilized for such purposes as short-term working capital, seasonal cash flows, unexpected emergencies, to take advantage of special trade discounts, and funding of business growth and expansion.

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